Benefits of Traveling Solo

Most people think I’m crazy for wanting to travel alone. They always have a ton of questions for me: “Aren’t you scared?” No. Why should I be? “How can you possibly do so much by yourself?” Easy! I plan. I do a great deal of research before I leave for my destination. I don’t have an itinerary with a minute-by-minute list of what I’m going to do; I just write down a few things I believe I must see. Once I figure out how I’m going to get there, I move onward. Usually, along that journey are other marvelous things to see, do, hear, experience… Therein lies the adventure ?Solo travel can be so beneficial in so many ways. Here is a list of some benefits of traveling alone that I have been able to experience:

    Other than being on a cruise and having to pay a single supplement (a premium charge for wanting to be alone in a double occupancy room), traveling by yourself is much more affordable than having to pay for you and someone else. That’s more money in the bank to do with as you please.
    When you travel with someone else (or a group of people), you have to take everyone’s personal preferences into consideration. Planning activities and figuring out dining options can be utterly painful when you’re traveling with others. You often have to compromise so that everyone can be happy, which usually leaves you wanting more. When you travel alone, you do what you want to do, when and where you want to do it. You can chill and relax or do the opposite and explore your surroundings the entire time if you want to. When you travel by yourself, it’s all up to you.
    I used to be afraid to do certain things on my own: going to the movies, shopping at the mall, exploring new things, etc. Once I started traveling alone, I realized that there’s nothing I can’t do by myself. I have this newfound freedom and self-confidence that I didn’t have before, and it feels so good. Yay me!
    When we travel with others, we tend to conform and compromise with our travel partners for most of the trip. We make decisions as a group and do almost everything together. When we travel alone, it’s usually easier to meet locals and learn about the area directly from the natives. It can be easier to experience new things and take more risks when we’re bold enough to go it alone.
    Spending time alone, whether at home or on the road, forces you to connect with yourself. It gives you a break from forced social interactions and allows you to be rejuvenated physically, and emotionally. Solo travel allows you time to think, pray, meditate, and just be you without feeling guilty.

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. It just means that you’re somewhat adventurous and you’re not afraid to do things your way. Next time you want to take a trip, don’t put it off waiting for someone to go with. If you want to go, just go! Don’t be afraid to experience all there is to do in this world, all by yourself.

Making the decision to travel alone was not easy. For years, I waited for the right time to go anywhere and for someone to go with. I finally built up the nerve to do it alone and I’m so happy I did. There’s no stress and no worry. I’m free from distractions; I can focus on just being me, living my life, and enjoying every single moment.

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