Finding My Way Around TORONTO (Part 1)

I just got back from spending 6 days in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I enjoyed every minute of it! This was my first time in Canada, but I can promise you that it won’t be my last!

Toronto is one of those quirky and diverse places that truly has something for everyone. I got to do a lot and see a lot while I was there, but not as much as I would have wanted to. I guess six days just isn’t enough to explore a new city. Oh well, there’s always next time!

My first full day in town, I decided to go downtown and walk around until I was too tired to take another step. I started my self-guided tour of Toronto at the St. Lawrence Market, an historic and cool, little shopping complex where you can find anything from produce and groceries, to vintage finds, and some local eateries too. I was there on a Sunday when only the antique market is open so I quickly walked through and went on to explore more of downtown T.O.

I walked, and walked, and walked some more. I wore my athletic clothes and sneakers, so in my mind, it was just a really long workout, and it felt like it too! I explored downtown for about six hours straight! I was tired, but it was worth it… After I left the St. Lawrence Market, I went down the street and around the corner, and stumbled upon the cutest, little, fake-beach ever! “Sugar Beach” looks and feels like a real beach: there’s water (Lake Ontario), soft sand, and pink umbrellas everywhere, but there’s no swimming allowed. It’s just a perfect spot to take in the sights and sounds of the harbor while getting a little R&R. It was quite an unexpected oasis.

While downtown, I got to people-watch at Yonge and Dundas (the Times Square of Toronto), and I caught some awesome live music and interesting street performances (see videos below). Then I went to the busiest and most crowded mall I’ve ever been to: Toronto Eaton Centre. I didn’t realize how big of an attraction this place was until I got there. The stores were massive and there were people everywhere (think Disney type crowds). That place is huge! After I left the mall, I just had to go to the famous Graffiti Alley and it was everything I had heard it would be: total badassness! I left there and walked through Chinatown to get to Kensington Market, a multicultural neighborhood in the heart of Toronto with various shops and cafés. I walked around the market for a little bit, but by this time I was hungry and had to find something to eat. I kept hearing about this tiny, little Jamaican/Italian fusion restaurant there called Rasta Pasta. That’s where I stopped for lunch and I must say,  you absolutely have to give this place a try whenever you’re in Toronto! Unfortunately, I don’t have any food pics to show because I have this bad habit of just simply eating my food… But it was great! What Rasta Pasta lacks in size, it more than makes up for with mouth-watering deliciousness. If you like Caribbean food, and you like Italian food, you’ll definitely LOVE this place!

I made several trips to downtown Toronto during my week there. I went to the Harbourfront and did a boat tour on Lake Ontario. I got to see the Toronto Islands, but we weren’t allowed to make a stop there because the water levels were too high. While on the boat, I also got to see the Billy Bishop Airport. Toronto’s other international airport that is, believe it or not, right in the middle of Lake Ontario. That was a pretty cool sight to see. I also went to Ripley’s Aquarium and the sports arenas. I saw the CN Tower from everywhere (it’s so tall, it pretty much follows you wherever you go). I got to do so much, but it’ll take too long to tell you all about it in just one post. So, please come back soon and read all about my adventures in Toronto and Niagara Falls (yes, I went there too)! Take a minute to take a look and take a listen at some of what I got to see and hear. I hope you enjoy, and as always, happy travels!

Sugar Beach
Sugar Beach/ Lake Ontario
Graffiti Alley
Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Look! I think this saw shark is smiling at me. Or maybe I just look like dinner to him. Either way, we’re cool as long as he stays on that side of the glass…:

Now he looks disappointed ? No humans for dinner:

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

This is such good music from a local band called Big Smoke Brass. You might have to just close your eyes and listen to the audio without watching the video because there is A LOT going on. I kept getting distracted! Then I saw the guy with the snake around his neck… Hope you enjoy the tunes though…:

That was a real snake!:

More good music. Warning! Things get pretty interesting right at 1:09:

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport:

Dark and gloomy day at Niagara Falls
Niagara River/ Niagara Mist
Niagara Whirlpool

Please don’t laugh at me and my granny rain bonnet! I was trying to protect my hair from the mist. It didn’t help much…:

Niagara Falls/ Niagara Mist
CN Tower
Downtown Toronto 3D sign

It was bright, sunny, and hot as Georgia on this particular day; the perfect day for The Taste of Toronto:

Downtown/ Taste of Toronto


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  1. Terry Martin says:

    Christina, that trip was wonderful. I had a great time reading your articles looking at your pictures and viewing your videos. I felt as if I had my own personal tour guide. Great job and congratulations on your world travels.

    1. wannaseesomeworld says:

      Thanks Terry! Thanks for introducing me to this new life ? You’re awesome!

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