Finding My Way Around WAKANDA

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I’m still in the process of planning my trips for the year. I have a few destinations already picked out; I’m just working out some of the details. I thought I had a pretty clear idea of when and where those trips would be. Well, that was until I watched Black Panther this weekend (twice). Now the only destination on my mind is WAKANDA!

Wakanda is a mythical place, but being able to visit this glorious African nation with the world’s most advanced technology, vast wealth, and incomparable beauty, would be the trip of a lifetime! Talk about a dream vacation! At a time when being Black in America seems like a curse or a death sentence, we needed a movie such as this to remind us of how magnificent and magical we really are. And, don’t get me started on the girl power! You know what? Just go see the movie! You might even see me there; I’m definitely going to see it again! Happy travels,


On my way to WAKANDA!!


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  1. Thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

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